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something new. a mixtape by dears n deers 
download here. 


something new. a mixtape by dears n deers 

download here


"Bill Mollison has described permaculture as a “positivistic” response to environmental crisis. That means it is about what we want to do and can do, rather than what we oppose and want others to change. This response is both ethical and pragmatic, philosophical and technical."

- David Holmgren, in Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability.  (via fuckyeahpermaculture)


Choose Linen over Cotton 

It’s Biodegradable, Natural, doesn’t require pesticides or other chemicals, Strong, Durable, Luxurious, all By-Products can be used, no waste, can be naturally dyed, doesn’t require a lot of water, more sustainable. 

The Compostess - Composting in style.

Have you been considering composing in your home or apartment, but have no idea how to start? “The Compostess” is a home compost consultation specialist that wants to help! The compost expert is Rebecca Louie who is based out of New York City. She has created a company that promotes composting in a glamorous way. The Compostess offers home visits, where she can give lessons and consultations off her I-Pad, teaching clients on how they can start composting in the comfort of their own home.

The composting process simply beings with a pound of worms, a large container and some newspaper. The Compostess prefers to use the New York Times for this recycling project because it is printed with soy ink. The worms function as an aid to progress the decomposition of a household’s leftover table scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc. By composting, a person is contributing less waste to landfills and organically feeding a garden, or even house plants, with more nutritious soil.

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For instance, it kinda blows my mind that one can walk in a city and not see dirt or water. Think about it: The surface of the earth is pretty much nothing but dirt or water, yet one can go days? weeks? months? without seeing it in a way more meaningful than a potted plant. Unnatural nature.

But the trend of finding analogs for natural things (e.g. artificial flavors, tanning booths, computer backgrounds displaying some of the only natural scenery most people tend to see) or ways to box in or present “potted” versions of nature (e.g. a pet, a plant, the yearly walk through the park) is part of a larger issues, as I see it, of humans, while striving for efficiency, relying on cheap simulations of reality - and losing touch with so much of what makes life gritty and wonderful.


- realcleverscience  (via thegreenurbanist)

(via thegreenurbanist)

A new light for dog poop.

Arizona’s award-winning Cosmo Dog Park, located in Gilbert, has urged a project that could use dog waste to light street lamps throughout the park. The project is called the “Dog Waste Digester” and is scheduled to be presented to the Town Council in August.

The design aims to convert the waste to methane gas that generates enough energy to light up a lamp. Methane is a natural gas that is used for heating. It is colorless, odorless and good for the environment.

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